Plymouth, UK

Plymouth, UK

It’s rare for those who live in Plymouth, a city with notoriously wet and cold weather, to enjoy a day at the end of February which could forgivably be mistaken for mid-summer.

We decided to embrace the sun’s fleeting rays and made for the coast.

Clambering over the rocks I turned to look back at the city and thought it demanded a photograph.

I’m annoyed I didn’t have an instrument more photographically capable than my phone, but it will have to do.

Robby Cowell 2012


7 thoughts on “Plymouth, UK

  1. I know – it’s the curse of the convenience of the phone. I never carry a proper camera anymore. the phone works for close-ups, but is pretty rubbish for landscapes.
    Yours came out atmospheric at least.

  2. I have to admit that I wouldn’t have been able to tell that this was taken on a phone. As a friend once told me, ‘it doesn’t matter what you use to get the shot as long as you get it’. I love those light leak effects!

      • I have to admit, sometimes the low tech methods produce shots with so much atmosphere. I would still prefer to have a good quality holga over a pro camera any days just for the uncertainty of what you’re going to get. And light leaks, random dust and scratches just add character!

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