The Harbour

This photograph was taken on the same day described in my previous post by the sounding sea.

Firstly, apologies for my lack of posts over the past few days. I’m putting it down to the well known phenomenon of life’s responsibilities getting in the way. Unfortunately the trend is probably set to continue for the next couple of weeks or so, but after that I intend to be at least somewhat more prolific than I have been recently.

This picture was taken at one of Plymouth’s harbours and it is one of the more well kept and picturesque sites that the city has to offer. Continuing on my idle and aimless wonder amongst the archaic sea fortifications, narrow cobbled streets and dingy sailor pubs; I made my way to the marina. Yacht and sailing boat owners floated up and down the jetties, each attending to their vessels that allow them the freedom and escape from the cycles of everyday life. Perhaps there is something about casting a glistening white water-craft into the endless aeons of the blue oceans and seas that cries out to the repressed want of discovery lying in the hearts of those who sail. A want which can so rarely be fulfilled as GPS devices and Ordnance Survey maps crush the notion of  audaciously  launching into mysterious and uncharted waters, the spirit of discovery destroyed and artificially remade into something tiresomely safe and known.

The moored masts lean to the will of the sea winds as I amble away from the marina, the sounds of flapping sails and excited shout of the sailors replaced by the roar of traffic and the wailing of pedestrian crossings, and I descended back into the clutches of modern life.

As is the case of many of my photographs, I have experimented with alterations the colours, contrasts and focusing of the original shot extensively. I’m intending to publish my next post of inspirations in the coming days, and have been fortunate enough to now write for the electronic music blog The Electric Honeypot. Thank you for reading.


9 thoughts on “The Harbour

  1. Firstly, thanks for dropping by my site and happy you liked what you found.

    Secondly, I was going through the first couple of posts and your elected style of photography is really good and your composition is better than many I’ve come across. Plus there’s something about the way you’ve shot everything (or maybe its post-shot editing digitally, I don’t know) that adds a certain retro/dreamy/idyllic/cinematic (as you can see I have trouble finding the right word here…) quality that makes them appear quite different from your average scenic shots and makes them look even cooler.

    Oh and that shot of the pyramids – did not read the whole post as I’m rushing, but if you did take that one – Truly WOW! Stunning.


  2. I do love the pp. Your description of the habour reminds me of the small marina near my campus. I have to admit there always seem to be a good feeling in the air when its sunny, hot and by the water

    • Hey man, yeah I’ve been super busy and all inspiration for posting has been pretty much consumed by other commitments, and haven’t had much time to take some fresh photographs. Thanks for stopping by though dude, will hopefully have some more stuff to post in the next couple of days.

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