I’m back

Apologies to everyone who’s been diligently checking for new posts over the past month or two, I’ve been mining my way through an avalanche of work which hit me this past academic term. However my assignments, and also my entire degree, are finally over and I can now spend some more time taking pictures, writing, and hopefully picking the blog up from where I left off.

Until recently, I never accurately tasted the panic, anxiety, and doubt that one faces as the calendar shuffles towards the impending deadline date; especially considering that those who know me are expecting me to reach the top grades. Though I do feel that the whole process has been very rewarding and a great test of character and abilities, but it left me with little time to blog, among other things.

I felt an overwhelming sense of liberty as I handed over the slabs of paper, and stepped out into the sun drenched city. This feeling lasted but a few days, and now the reality of finding employment in a volatile and competitive economy is dawning on me. I’ve been in this position before and have heard and experienced only negative things, however I’m willing to change this perspective of a gloomy future, and instead see the approaching months as a challenge, maybe even some kind of game, which, if won, will provide me with a far more positive and interesting existence.

Above these words is the result of my first attempt at creating an image using only my Android phone. The process was not as arduous as I was expecting, and I’m warming to the idea of experimenting with more images of this mobile origin. I’m forming more ideas for posts and intend to continue my inspirations series in the near future.

I’m pleased to be back, and will catch up as much as I can on what everyone else has been doing recently. Sorry for the brevity and subject matter of the post, next time it will be something more interesting!


The Streets of Asakusa


This shot was taken while making my way from the aged, crimson red temples of Sensō-ji. The pagodas reaching into a cloudless sapphire sky as an aggregation of incense swirled and permeated the crisp February air.

Surrounded by a mix of lives which so perfectly embody our age, I blended in with the western tourists as they perused the colourful and trivial market stalls selling all of the necessary oddities which the world identifies with Japan: rows of Daruma dolls stared blindly out at the intrigued and bustling crowds as traditional lanterns, play masks and chimes lightly danced in the breeze.

Pious Buddhists, fascinated tourists, market stall owners and school classes meandered their way through each other as the temples loomed above the store roofs as they had done for centuries before.

Having absorbed the unique atmosphere I made my way back to the tiny room I was renting at the time and, in a documentary fashion more than any, I photographed the street leading back there.

As is the case with many of my photographs, the image has been quite extensively re-colourised and refocused which strips the photograph’s original documentary intentions but results, in my opinion at least, in a more interesting and atmospheric image.

Hope you enjoy

Robby Cowell 2012

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Plymouth, UK

Plymouth, UK

It’s rare for those who live in Plymouth, a city with notoriously wet and cold weather, to enjoy a day at the end of February which could forgivably be mistaken for mid-summer.

We decided to embrace the sun’s fleeting rays and made for the coast.

Clambering over the rocks I turned to look back at the city and thought it demanded a photograph.

I’m annoyed I didn’t have an instrument more photographically capable than my phone, but it will have to do.

Robby Cowell 2012