Jardin du Quai


I have a lot of love for Paris and for the few friends who live in the city. I took this photograph during a visit almost two years ago. I was spending the day alone, as all of my friends were either working or preoccupied with the various tasks the timeless city had provided them. Greene described the urban phenomenon better than I:

“They can print statistics and count the populations in hundreds of thousands, but to each man a city consists of  no more than a few streets, a few houses, a few people.”

With a worn and slightly out-of-date Métro map and my cheap yet reliable ‘point and shoot’ digital, I wondered around the bustling river banks of the Seine. In the shade of the elegantly planted trees endless stands of second hand books and their vendors overlooking the river, a small boat, laden with tourists, drifted quietly by. The day was warm and overcast, giving the avenues, river and cathedral an indistinct, cloudy atmosphere as the fog from the night before stubbornly clung to the river.

Wondering along the quais my sense of smell was overwhelmed with a thick variety of floral scents. Even in a city as beautiful as Paris, it is still rare to be confronted with such a powerful aroma of flora. Across the road stood the flower shop you see above. It was difficult to photograph as up close the full extent of the plants spilling out onto the streets couldn’t be fully appreciated, and so I had to contend with the ample traffic on the road separating the shop and myself. Eventually the crossing turned red, and my view was uninterrupted. Hope you enjoy.